12 Best Baby Hats in Australia for Babies and Toddlers

12 Best Baby Hats in Australia for Babies and Toddlers

Summer is upon us in Australia and that means it’s essential we keep our bubs safe from the scorching heat of the sun! Aussie summers can be daunting, with the temperature rising to 40+ degrees (Celcius). We all know this can be harmful and damaging to our tiny tot’s skin when outdoors - that’s if they’re not covered with the appropriate sun hats of course!

Sun safety is important, and it’s best to get babies habituated to wearing hats so that they are protected from the sun’s harsh UV rays when they’re out and about. And while they might be a little young for sunscreen, wearing sun hats coupled with safety measures of playing in the shade should do just the trick. Baby hats also double up as a protective head cover in case their exploration takes them to places where they’re likely to trip, fall or bump into objects.

On the hat front, we’ve gathered a list of the 12 best baby hats in Australia for your little one to have a safe and awesome playtime!

What to look for while buying a baby hat:

Material fibers like cotton and linen are breathable, gentle on the skin, and help your tiny tots from getting any potential skin irritation while playing outdoors. Whilst fibers like polyester are used for durability, robustness and quick drying in the event of any moisture.

Sun protection
Hats must provide babies with complete protection during the summer to avoid skin burns and overheating. It allows them to remain active without worrying about getting sunburned on their delicate skin.

The hats must be durable and strong enough to take in the bubbly and frisky nature of the baby or toddler, no matter how much it gets twisted, wrung, or thrown around.

Most importantly, brownie points if the hat comes with an adjustable chin strap to keep it firmly in place and allow your toddler to swing, jump, and play around as much as they like.

Best Baby Hats in Australia

Tumbl Bear

Tumbl Bear has hats designed for kids aged from 6 months to 5 years. The hats are made of cotton and polyester fiber to make it breathable while offering maximum sun protection.

What make Tumbl Bear hats special is that not only do they protect your little ones from the sun, but safeguarding your bub from knocks and bumps. Tumbl Bear hats are embedded with a foam that contains impact-absorbing technology and it absorbs 50% of the impact at 40 g force, giving safe and cushioned contact while allowing kids to have a safe playtime.

Their collection consists of stylish and lightweight bucket hats with broad brims and a detachable velcro chin strap, and a beanie lined with extremely soft fleece, both suitable for any occasion! Visit our page to learn more and get your hands on one now!

Material: Tumbl Bear hats are made from 100% cotton which is soft and comfortable on the skin. It’s antimicrobial foam helps prevent any bacteria and odour, making them a go-to for baby hats in Australia.

Durability: These hats are designed to withstand harsh weather and impact conditions. The material lasts long with reinforced durability, providing ultimate protection to your little one’s head.

Sun Protection: With the help of UPF 50+ material, Tumbl Bear hats will stop the sun's harmful rays penetrating through the brim and reaching your child's skin.


Purebaby hats and beanies provide babies with warmth in the cold and protect their sensitive skin from harmful UV rays. They’re available in different sizes (1kg - 4kg; XXS to L) with a wide range of benefits such as UPF50+, eczema friendly, machine washable, adjustable strap, and so on.

The hats are available in different colors that will give your little one something to look forward to wearing every summer!

Material: Purebaby hats are made from 100% organic cotton. Some of the hats are made from recycled water bottles as well!

Durability: The hats are long-lasting and designed to withstand wear and tear during playtime or otherwise. They are also chlorine resistant, allowing babies to splash fearlessly around the pool!

Sun Protection: The hats are created with UPF 50+ materials and have broad rims, providing them ample protection from the sun.

Marmalade Lion

Marmalade Lion baby hats in Australia are made from breathable cotton sateen, have a UPF50+ rating, and are machine washable. With an adjustable strap size, their sun hats are suitable for ages 6 months to 5 years old. It also features extra-stiff rims to keep the sun off from the toddler’s face and neck.

Check out their signature prints Little Creatures, Lady Elliot Island, and many more!

Material: The hats are made from cotton sateen which is super soft and breathable on the baby’s and toddler’s skin.

Durability: These hats are sustainable and long-lasting, with an adjustable strap to keep the hats secure.

Sun Protection: The hats are created with UPF 50+ materials and have a wide, stiff rim to provide sufficient protection from the sun.


Looking for a variety? Make sure to check out BedHead. Most Bedhead hats are tested for their overall hat design. Their collection includes originals, heritage, swim, winter, fleece, legionnaire, reversible sun hats, and even bonnets for young tots. Their prices vary from $20 to $40.

Material: The sun hats for everyday use are made from cotton which is cooler for frequent outdoor usage. They also have chlorine-resistant stretch Nylon knit hats which are perfect for wet environments - be it a beach, a lake, or just a splash around the pool!

Durability: These hats are sustainable and created in accordance with Australia and New Zealand standards 4399.

Sun Protection: With the help of UPF 50+ materials, the hats have sun-smart depths in the front for excellent protection.

Cheeky Chickadee

Cheeky Chickadee’s super cute hats with unique nature-inspired hand-drawn prints go hand-in-hand with your child’s playful side. Their beach hats have broad rims to protect their faces and necks, along with sturdy chin straps to keep them in place. They are priced at $10-$14.

Material: The sun hats are made from 100% polyester with colour seal for frequent outdoor usage. This ensures the colour doesn’t change or run out.

Durability: These hats are sustainable and have chin straps with an elasticated toggle to keep them firm.

Sun Protection: The hats contain wide visor margins for everlasting sun protection.


Prepare to be blown away by Toshi’s gorgeous pastel-colored baby hat collection. They come in different styles - swim, bell, flap cap, beach, and sunhat. Created with ultra-soft and easy-care materials, these hats take your toddler’s Oomph-of-the-day ‘OOTD’ to a whole new level. Prices start from $21.95.

Material: The sun hats are made from 80% Nylon and 20% Elastane, with fast-drying quality, and is chlorine safe.

Durability: These hats have durable and long-lasting quality crafting that also maintains their shape when wet.

Sun Protection: The hats are created with UPF 50+ materials and have broad and well-structured brims that provide maximized sun protection and water safety.

Tribe Tropical

Step up your kid’s summer outfit game with Tribe Tropical’s hats from their swimwear collection. Their thick, broad-rimmed, and sturdy hats provide full coverage across the head. They’re made from soft, UP50+ materials. Show off some of the tropical prints on your kid! Prices start at $29.95.

Material: The hats are made of buttery soft, stretchable polyester fabric for long-term use.

Durability: These hats are sustainable with OEKO-TEX certification, under-neck tie with adjustable clasp for long-lasting usage.

Sun Protection: The hats have a thick and sturdy brim that provides shade for the face and neck, along with a double lining for extra sun protection. It has UPF50+ which blocks 97% of UV rays.

Mini Boden

Mini Boden’s fun and casual hats are all set to add a splash of color to your toddler’s outfit. Their broad-rimmed hats give ample protection from the sun and cover your kid’s face and neck. Swim hats, sun hats, bonnets, and more - all available funky prints and different sizes.

Material: The hats are made from a 100% lightweight cotton voile with an inner cotton lining for comfort. The hats are machine washable.

Durability: These hats are created for extremely sunny and windy weather, durable and sturdy with touch-and-close chin straps.

Sun Protection: The hats provide effective sun protection with their wide and firm flaps at the front.

Cotton On

What’s better than one hat? Two hats! If you’re browsing for the best baby hats in Australia, check out Cotton On’s amazing reversible bucket hats that are perfect for everyday wear. Starting at $16.99, each hat comes with an adjustable chin strap and is available in three sizes.

Material: The sun hats are made from 100% cotton, which is apt for frequent outdoor usage. The newborn Legionnaire flap hats are made from 82% polyester and 18% Elastane.

Durability: These hats are water-safe, sun-safe, and can withstand frequent wear and tear. It requires a cold machine wash and a rinse.

Sun Protection: The hats provide head, face, ears, and neck protection from the sun all summer long with their broad rims and flaps.

Seed Heritage

If you’re looking for a stylish bucket hat to complete your kid’s outfit, Seed Heritage’s got your back. From their initial-embroidered bucket hats to their knit hats and beanies, these cute hats are bound to give your toddler the show-stopper look. The hats range from $10 to $29.

Material: The sun hats are created from 100% breathable cotton and are completely lightweight, which is perfect to use every day and anywhere.

Durability: These hats are lightweight and easier to wash, apt for a summer day.

Sun Protection: With a chin strap and wide edges, these hats provide sufficient protection to their face and neck from the sun.


Solbari's comfortable and stylish sun hats are definitely a wardrobe staple for your little bub. Thanks to its adjustable drawstring at the back, it can be used as your child grows. The side mesh is an added blessing as it keeps your kid’s head cool while playing in the sunny outdoors. These hats are available in 3 sizes and prices start at $29.

Material: The hats are created with 100% Nylon for comfortable and efficient everyday use, with a side mesh.

Durability: These hats come with an integrated detachable chin strap for extreme winds. They are created with high-quality sweatbands.

Sun Protection: The hats are created with UPF 50+ materials and have a downward-sloping brim to block the sun’s harmful UV rays.


Best&Less’ stylish bucket hat is all you need to complete your kid’s play outfit. Their collection comprises sun hats, bucket hats, legionnaire hats, and some really cool straw hats as well! Let your toddler out every day in style with one of their hats. The prices range from $2 to $29.

Material: The sun hats are made from lightweight microfibre Polyester fabric to wear on the go.

Durability: These hats have a sturdy yet comfortable design, and are machine washable.

Sun Protection: The hats consist of strong, wide borders to protect the kid’s face and neck from the sun.


What hats are best for babies?

Several kinds of baby hats like - sun hat, beanie, bucket hat, swim hat, flap cap, bell hat, and more are the best for babies. They protect them from harmful UV rays and also give them protection from bumps and hits while playing outdoors. It is also important to check if such hats have adjustable chin straps, and are made from durable and breathable material that doesn’t harm the skin and is easy to maintain.

What types of hats can babies wear?

The Aussie sun can be harmful to a baby’s sensitive skin if not careful, so it is very important for them to have a hat on while strolling or playing outdoors. A few types of baby hats are:

  • A Legionnaire hat: A hat with a wide flap in the front and a distinctive extension at the back to protect the wearer from the sun.
  • A Bucket hat: An all round wide-brimmed hat for sun protection. They also come with chlorine-resistant elements to play in wet environments.
  • A Bonnet: A yesteryear-styled hat for babies that protects babies from the hot weather with an elevated front and a strap under the chin.
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