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Our Story

Tumbl Bear was born out of a simple question, "Why not choose the hat that does everything a regular hat does, but also protects your child against a head injury?" Inspired by this notion, Mark Sellar, a loving father to two beautiful girls, Olympia and Everly, embarked on a mission to provide superior protection for kids through an essential, everyday accessory - hats.

His passion for safeguarding children, combined with his extensive entrepreneurial experience in startups such as Fantom Hardware and Kubo Fit, led to the creation of Tumbl Bear. Tumbl Bear is more than just a brand. It's a movement towards "effortless safety," where protection against head injuries is seamlessly woven into the fabric of everyday life.

Tumbl Bear hats are not helmets and should not replace the use of a helmet

About Mark Sellar

Mark Sellar is more than just a successful entrepreneur and product developer enthusiast; he is first and foremost a dedicated husband and father. The founder of Tumbl Bear and Shader. Mark brings a unique blend of business acumen and parental perspective to each of his ventures. His passion for creating practical, innovative solutions is fuelled by his role as a father and a fervent desire to improve children's safety.

The Spark of Inspiration

When Mark's brother-in-law's child had a fall, he was struck by a simple yet powerful idea. This incident sparked the genesis of Tumbl Bear, a blend of comfort, style, and, most importantly, safety. It was a vision of a hat that looks and feels like an everyday hat but offers so much more.

Our Mission

At Tumbl Bear, our mission is simple: to offer hats to young children that not only look great, feel great, keep the sun off their skin, and keep their heads warm in winter, but also provide protection against head injuries. Childhood is a time for exploration and sometimes, accidents happen. We believe in giving parents that added peace of mind, knowing that their children are well protected even when they have a fall or an accident.

Making Waves in the Media

Mark's innovative approach to children's safety has not gone unnoticed. He was recently featured on The Morning Show, where he had the opportunity to discuss the unique advantages of Tumbl Bear hats.

In collaboration with Australian football celebrity Shane Mumford, Tumbl Bear also created a captivating video demonstrating the impact-absorbing features of its hats. The video, a light-hearted race between a young girl wearing a Tumbl Bear hat and Shane Mumford, underscores the brand's commitment to safety without sacrificing the joy of childhood.


Nationwide Availability

We are thrilled to announce that Tumbl Bear is now available in major superstores. Parents across the country can conveniently find our impact-reducing hats in a popular store: The Big W. We believe that every child deserves the protection offered by Tumbl Bear, and our partnership with a retail giant brings us one step closer to that goal.


International Presence

Tumbl Bear's vision of "effortless safety" extends beyond Australian borders. With offices in the US, Russia, and China, our brand is making a global impact. We continue to uphold our mission to protect young children, regardless of their geographical location. This global footprint is just the beginning of our journey towards worldwide child safety.

Our Team

Our committed and talented team brings an abundance of experience and passion to the Tumbl Bear family. Alongside Mark, we have Stevie Sellar, our Lead Stylist and Designer, and Chamin Marasinghe, our Marketing Director, who both contribute to shaping and promoting our unique brand. Our senior Marketing personnel, Chloe Schivonne, and our other dedicated team members, including John Joyce, help steer our vision into reality.

Every Tumbl Bear hat is lined with a thin, lightweight, breathable, antimicrobial, closed cell polyurethane impact-reducing foam. This high-grade material is typically used in sports equipment, PPE, and military equipment. With this innovative design, our hats reduce up to 50% of impact in common accidents involving young children such as falls, slips, or collisions with objects. Our hats look, feel, and wear exactly like everyday hats, offering excellent impact reduction qualities.

Every Tumbl Bear hat is lined with a


Light weight



Closed cell polyurethane impact reducing foam

Our Range

Our hats aren't limited to one style or season. We offer a diverse range from bucket hats, beanies, caps to headbands, all equipped with our impact reducing technology. Tumbl Bear ensures your child can be protected during all outings, all year round, in all weather conditions.

Why Choose Tumbl Bear

With Tumbl Bear, you get the best of all worlds - Looks, Functionality, and Safety. Our hats are not helmets. They do not feel like a helmet and are not rigid in any way. Yet in the event of an accident, your child is well protected.

By choosing Tumbl Bear, you are choosing a brand that's been recognized and awarded by INPAA and NAPPA, rigorously tested and approved, and loved by parents with over 1000x 5-star reviews. You're also choosing a brand that's been featured on The Morning Show and made front-page news. But most importantly, you're choosing effortless safety for your child.

Join Mark Sellar and the Tumbl Bear family in making child safety a global norm. Choose Tumbl Bear, and give your child the gift of 'effortless safety'.

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Our little adventurers need protection, and we're here to help! Our headwear has been lovingly crafted with their delicate heads in mind. It cushions their bounces, knocks, and tumbles by absorbing up to 50% of the impact. While our headwear provides a comforting layer of protection, please remember it's not a magic shield. There's no 100% guarantee against all injuries. It's part of a larger puzzle of safety measures we should put in place for our little ones. So, let's couple our caring headwear with watchful eyes and nurturing surroundings, for that sweet harmony between exploration and safety.