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Best Baby Shower Gifts from Baby Bunting

Welcoming a new life into the world is always exciting and being part of the expectant parents’ celebrations, even more so. But selecting a gift for baby showers can be tricky, especially if the parents-to-be do not have a gift registry. If this brings up a question to your mind - where can I get awesome baby shower gifts, Baby Bunting, a one-stop baby shop, is the perfect place to be.

Baby Bunting has been in existence since 1979, so it has a super wide range of baby products. So, allow us to make it easier for you to choose a baby shower gift from Baby Bunting with our top 10 recommendations. 

Why Choose Baby Shower Gifts from Baby Bunting?

Newborn Baby Bunting

Established in 1979, Baby Bunting is Australia’s largest specialty nursery retailer. It now has more than 60 stores around Australia and a 22,000 sqm Distribution Centre in Melbourne. We love their range in prams, car seats, carriers, furniture, nursery, safety, babywear, manchester, changing, toys, feeding accessories, etc., across brands like Bugaboo, Silvercross, Steelcraft, Britax Safe n Sound, Oricom, and many more.

True to its name of being a one-stop-baby shop, the stores also have a changing table, baby scales, glider chairs, even a microwave to allow you to attend to your baby’s needs as you shop for baby essentials. 

We personally don’t need any more reason to shop for baby products – either for our kids or for gifts. Spoilt for choice, it is truly a unique and delightful experience to shop at Baby Bunting. The icing on the cake would be their exceptional service, expert advice, and quality products for parents across Australia.

Best Baby Shower Gifts from Baby Bunting

Baby Bunting prams

Baby Hats & Beanies

Baby Bunting registry

Hats and Beanies are among the most important part of a baby’s attire, apart from making your little bubs look adorable. Babies’ heads are relatively larger than their bodies in comparison to adults, so they tend to lose heat much faster.

Baby Bunting has an extraordinary collection of headwear for babies from TumblBear. They are all INPAA approved and have a layer of high-impact absorption foam that is known to absorb up to 50% of impacts at 40 g-force.

Tumbl Bear Baby hats and beanies are available across multiple Baby Bunting stores across Australia.


Baby Bunting high chair

You can help an expectant parent with some lightweight convenience – a compact stroller will be a great baby shower gift from Baby Bunting. It gives the best of both worlds – functionality for the parent's comfort for the baby at a much more affordable price. Compact strollers are an excellent choice for quick outings like a trip to the mall, restaurant, etc.

Baby Bunting has a great range of compact prams & strollers across brands like 4Baby, Baby Jogger, YOYO Connect, Childcare, Easywalker, Joie Nitro, Maxi Cosi, Valco, and many more. They are solidly constructed with a sturdy frame, include at least one parking brake, and are fitted with a harness that securely restrains your child. 

Check out the compact stroller collection at Baby Bunting. Prices range from $22 - $1,699.


Best baby Bunting

Newborn babies are often synonymous with sleepless nights for the parents, and soothers are a great way to calm a restless infant. When introduced between 3-4 weeks of the child’s birth, it also helps to provide offers temporary distraction, ease discomfort, and in some cases, reduce the risk for SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)

Baby Bunting has a fun and colorful range of soothers and dummies that not only comfort your bub but also aid in the child’s palate, teeth, and gum development. They also have a range of clippable leads to prevent the pacifier from getting lost or ending up in mysterious places after your tyke tosses them.

Over 85 varieties of soothers with varying colors, patterns, and styles are available within the price range of $3.88 - $29.95

Breast pumps

baby bunting 0-3 months

We’d say breast pumps would be the go-to baby shower gift from Baby Bunting or anywhere else if it's a baby shower thrown by a couple that is always on the go or just are busy working professionals. A breast pump is an excellent way to provide the benefits of breastfeeding when the mother has to be away from the baby. It also helps keep up your milk supply, prevent discomfort and breast engorgement.

Baby Bunting has a good selection of manual, electric breast pumps, and bundles to choose from. Prices range from $19.95 - $519.00


Baby bunting for car seat

Yes, we adults have the comfort of beds wherever we go, thanks to well-facilitated hotels. However, babies will need to sleep more, and adult beds are not the best option. Give a portable cot as a baby shower gift from Baby Bunting, and gift the comfort of peaceful and safe sleep for the baby, and a reassured travel time for the expectant parents.

Baby Bunting Portacots range in size and weight, and some even have added features like storage pockets, change tables, and even a bassinet. Prices range from $9.88 - $449.00


How do I remove items from baby bunting registry?

Probably among the best baby shower gifts from Baby Bunting you can get for the baby is a playmat. They provide a safe and clean surface for babies while providing entertainment that promotes development. It aids their vision and hand-eye coordination as they look for sharper colors and objects to grab while providing a cushioned surface.

Rugs and Playmats at Baby Bunting provide a padded and comfortable surface along. We love that there are many interactive toys from a range of baby products manufacturers that come along with certain models. Prices range from $35.88 - $139.95

Toddler Toys

Why is it called baby bunting?

Experience is the best teacher, and for children playing and games are the experience. Giving toys that engage a kid’s senses, spark imaginations, and motivate them to interact with others are optimal baby shower gifts from Baby Bunting or any place. The best part is you need not stop at gifting them for the baby shower. Age-appropriate toys encourage their development in the right direction, and you can pop in a toy or two as the child grows.

This was one place we were actually spoilt for choice – the range of toys at Baby Bunting is massive! They got rockers & bouncers, play gyms, books, walkers & jumpers, plush, outdoor, and interactive toys that will cater to all interests, space, values, and budgets. Prices range from $0.57 - $599.00


Do Baby Bunting do Afterpay in-store?

Mothers have been swaddling their babies for many centuries. It imitates the experience of the baby cuddling in the arms of the mother. Swaddling helps protect the baby against their natural startle reflex, helps calm a cranky baby, and to a great extent, helps prevent SIDS. It is an essential baby shower gift from Baby Bunting if you want to gift a peaceful sleep to the expectant parents and their baby once it gets there.

We found that the swaddles and wraps at Baby Bunting provide the finest of choices of fabrics – muslin, cotton, Bamboo Viscose, even textile jersey. Prices range from $9.86 - $69.95

Mattress protectors

What are buntings for babies?

We know how much effort new parents will put into prepping their child’s nursery. With the babies spending most of their time sleeping, it is crucial to include a mattress protector for all the right purposes. It prevents bad microbes from staying on the mattress originating from the baby’s leaky mess, keeping the bed more sanitary. It also keeps the mattress free from mold, dust mites, bed bugs, and any allergens that can make your child ill.

Mattress Protectors, accompanied with mattress underlays to help ventilate the mattress, would form a practical baby shower gift from Baby Bunting. They come in natural bamboo and quilt, and range between $8.95 - $99.95


What is a bunting suit for baby?

The go-to baby shower gift! With options galore across all physical stores and the internet, baby clothes are always happily accepted by the expectant parents, especially when your choice of gift can make their child more adorable and maybe even more fashionable!

Baby Bunting provides a wide range of baby clothing for babies of different sizes, ages, and developmental stages like All in ones, bodysuits, dresses & skirts, pants & shorts, swimwear, socks & shoes, mittens & gloves, and even maternity wear.

Baby monitors

Is Baby Bunting necessary?

We recalled the time our colleague narrated incidents from her infanthood (as told by her parents and grandparents) when they constantly ran into the room to check on her as a baby. This can be particularly exhausting for parents, and we remembered our colleague saying her grandfather came close to tears due to the ‘ordeal.’ Baby monitors given as a baby shower gift from Baby Bunting help you keep a check of the baby while being in a different room, thereby saving you all the hustle and hassle.

Baby Bunting offers the best baby monitors from leading brands such as Oricom, Vtech, etc. There are also options that help track audio, video, movement, and even your baby’s breathing. Some models also have Wi-Fi connectivity so the parent can watch the baby even remotely. Prices range from $49.00 - $649.00


Unique baby shower gifts

Where are Baby Bunting stores located?

Baby Bunting stores are located in more than 60 locations in Australia and has a 22,000sqm Distribution Centre in Melbourne. They deliver across Australia and New Zealand and are available online too. You can locate a store nearest to you from their website.

How do I install a car seat professionally?

Car seats are for infants and babies, as are seat belts for adults. Installing a car seat appropriate for your child’s age, the type of seat, and comfort is crucial, so an expert best does it. Baby Bunting has teamed up with Baby On Board, a member of the Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative (ACRI), and they fit over 50,000 restraints per year. You can make an online booking through the website or walk into the nearest store.

How to choose a gift for a baby shower?

  • Gift an item that would be useful to the baby and the parents
  • Ensure you do not give something large or unsafe for the baby
  • You can also pool in with mutual friends or family members and give a group gift.
  • If you are not sure, play it safe and give a gift card
  • If you want to go the extra mile, personalize the gift or give a DIY gift basket that includes baby essentials.
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