Best Toddler Helmets That Get Mom and Dad’s Vote!

Best Toddler Helmets That Get Mom and Dad’s Vote!

Every parent I’ve interacted with is watchful when their bub is outside playing or riding their bikes around the block. The concern stems from knowing that they can get injured falling down or knocking into objects. What would help you rest easy would be knowing where you can get the best toddler hats. 

Toddler hats are designed to protect, shade and cushion little noggins. Kids that age are bursting with energy, and you may not always get to them on time if they fall off their bike, skateboard or rollerblades. 

Let’s look at the toddler hats that both mom and dad would approve of!

How Do You Choose a Toddler Helmets

Best kids helmet
  • Build: the best toddler helmets are lightweight yet solid enough to withstand hard knocks and impact. 
  • Fit: The helmet you buy should fit snugly around your toddler’s head. Use a tape measure around your child’s head. It should nestle about 1-2 finger widths above the eyebrows and go low over the hairline. The side straps should be in a “V” shape with the buckle centered under the chin. You can test if it fits properly by asking your child to open their mouth wide. The helmet should hug their head without feeling too small and tight.  
  • Ventilation: The most likely scenario in which your child will need a toddler hat is when they’re playing outside and with other kids. Look for air vents that can circulate air and provide relief in extreme heat.
  • Additional Safety Features: some of the best toddler hats use Multi-directional Impact Protective System (MIPS) technology, which prevents whiplash by reducing the rotational force on impact.
  • Returns and Exchange Policy: It’s always best to have your child try the hat on. If you’re buying it online or can’t try it beforehand, look out for their exchange and return policies in case the hat does not fit. 

Best Toddler helmets

Toddler helmets boy

Giro Scamp

Giro toddler helmet

The Giro Scamp toddler hat has a built-in bug net that is designed to let air through.The helmet uses a Roc Loc Jr. fit system with a pinch-guard buckle to secure the helmet quickly. It comes in different sizes and colors, which your kid can pick out. 

Visually, it's a two-piece shell featuring a tough outer shell and a soft polycarbonate shell fused to the liner to avoid separating upon impact. It can be worn when cycling or biking, making it the perfect family fun activity for the biker gang! It is sold in two sizes XS (measuring 45-49 cm) and S(49-53cm).

Where to buy:

Price:                      $64.95

Tumbl Bear

How do you choose a toddler helmet?

Tumbl Bear is a recent entrant to the baby hats market but has garnered rave reviews, with customers loving the padding on the hats and beanies. Parents of Early Walkers, in particular, have reported feeling at ease with the bucket hats that harden on impact and protect little heads from falls that are head-first.  These hats have absorbent high-impact foam that absorb up to half the impact, making it the choice for playgrounds and backyard playtime! 

Did we mention that the hats come in sizes from 6 months up to 5 years of age? 

Where to buy:

Price:  $49.95

Joovy Noodle

Do toddlers need bike helmets?

The Joovy Noodle is the best toddler helmet for your toddler’s first wheels and balancing experience. The helmet looks stylish while keeping them safe and is a great choice to get them used to the habit of wearing helmets.

It comes in two sizes — small and medium. It can be used for biking, riding scooters or tricycles. Like the Giro Scamp biking helmet, the Joovy Noodle gives out “grom” vibes and meets the CPSC standards for helmets. It comes with an inbuilt visor for front facial protection. 

Where to buy:

Price: $29.99

Kali Chakra Child

What is the safest helmet for a toddler?

Kali protectives is a Canadian-based company with a product range for both adults and toddlers. The helmets can be used for biking and motorsport activities. 

The Kali Chakra safety helmet for little kids is created with composite fusion technology. Put simply, there’s an in-molding engineering that merges the foam liner and shell to absorb impact. The resulting shell is thinner, lighter and stronger. If you or your bub crack your helmets, you can register for an LCR claim to get it replaced.

Where to buy:

Price: $40

Lazer Lil’Gecko

What size helmet does a 2 year old need?

The Lazer Lil’ Gecko is a kids cycling helmet that offers rear protection. What differentiates it from most toddler helmets is that it has an LED integrated to the rear side, which activates in dim light to indicate to other cyclists and drivers that there’s a small child in the vicinity. 

The Lazer Autofit retention system auto-adjusts the fit to make it easy to put on and take off the helmet. It has a buckle that connects under the ear to prevent chin pinching when fastening the straps.  The helmet weighs about 280g and has 12 vents to ensure cooling in the interior. 

Where to buy:

Pricing:  you can enter your location to find dealers.

Schwinn Burst Evo

Should toddlers wear helmets on scooters?

Schwinn toddler helmets are among the best for beginners and amateurs. The Burst Evo kids range has sporty designs similar to the Krate Evo line. You can take the padding off and wash it with gentle soap to remove any lingering sweat.  The helmets make use of a dial-adjustable retention system to provide the optimal fit at just a twist. This can be fine-tuned further using the adjustable side and chin straps. Schwinn Evo can be used for multiple sporting activities including biking, skating and cycling. 

Where to buy:

Price:  $34.99



The best toddler scooter helmets come from Globber. The GO UP’s outer helmet shell is made of polycarbonate material with an impact-absorbing Expanded Polystyrene foam liner. It also has a chin pad to ease the concern of kids landing face-first. 

It comes in sizes between 45-51 cms and are available in 6 colors. You can adjust the size and fit of the helmet with the knob at the rear. There are 6 rear battery-powered LED lights to provide more visibility and added safety. The three modes it turns on in are on, flashes and fast-flashes.

Where to buy:

Price:  $70

Nutcase Little Nutty

What helmet should a 2 year old wear?

Nutcase’s creativity is seen right from how they name their products to the way they design them!  The Baby Nutty and Little Nutty are the best toddler helmets. Both use the Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) plus protective foam  to lower the force from tumbles. Their designs have been engineered to provide more neck and neck support. 

It also prevents pinched skin under your bub’s chin with their magnetic buckles. Both the Baby Nutty and Little Nutty come in colors and motifs that are made of durable ABS, making it ideal for your rambunctious young ‘uns!

Where to buy:

Price:  The Little Nutty costs $55.99 while the Baby Nutty costs $47.99


Toddler helmet

What is the safest helmet for a toddler?

The safest helmets for toddlers are the ones fitted with bug mesh, LEDs and impact-absorbing foam. We recommend the following

  1. Tumbl Bear
  2. Schwinn Burst Evo
  3. Kali Chakra Child and 
  4. Giro Scamp

What size helmet does a 2 year old need?

A 2-year old’s head size is approximately 48cms. If you’re gifting a toddler helmet, use the sizing chart to get a rough estimate of which size works best.You will need to measure the circumference of the head to buy the right size. The helmet should rest snugly when your child rolls their head. The front should be aligned just above the eyebrows without tilting backwards.

Should toddlers wear helmets on scooters?

Yes, a toddler should wear helmets while on scooters. This is because they are yet to master their balance and can easily fall when and if the scooter tips over. Cycling helmets will have a read fit knob or dial at the back to tighten or loosen the helmet, and skate-style helmets use padding foam made of polycarbonate to create a light yet strong head protection.W

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