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Fun Sensory Easter Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Easter can be a magical time to spend with your little ones, and it is at this age that they are curious about the world around them. So, how can you make this festival a blend of learn and play? Go an extra mile and consider doing easter activities for toddlers and preschoolers.  

Needless to say, most of the activities are designed keeping the Easter eggs and bunny traditions in mind. The tiny tots will have a gala time decorating, experimenting with paints, and playing with different textures with their crafts. Here is a list of 20 sensory Easter activities for toddlers and preschoolers for your next Easter family get-together!

Fun Easter Activities for Toddlers

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Easter Egg Boats

What can a 2 year old do for Easter?

Playing with Easter egg boats in your backyard or even at a picnic spot is an amusing Easter  activity for a toddler. This sensory play helps enhance oral motor skills that are required to move your boat. So, how to go about it? First of all, take a sensory bin or a deep tray and fill it with water.

You would require plastic Easter eggs, some foam sheets, straws, and some nuts and bolts to keep the boat balanced. Punch a hole in the middle of the egg, place the straw there and tape it tightly. Ensure there are no gaps. Cut the foam sheet in the form of sail and bend it while taping it to the straw. You could ask your toddler to pick a coloured egg and blow it towards the boat to move them, or even use straws to do so. 

ABC Easter Egg Hunt

How do you entertain kids on Easter?

One interesting  activity that your tiny munchkin  will enjoy during Easter is the ABC Easter egg hunt. The aim of this game is to get your toddler to learn about alphabets. They have to identify the letter they find in each egg and mark the same on an alphabet sheet.

Take some Easter eggs that can be opened up into halves. Fill each egg with an alphabet and place them all into a bowl or a basket. Have your toddler pick an egg and identify it on the alphabet sheet. You could also have threaded alphabets on a sheet and ask your toddler to trace the alphabet in every round.

Washi Tape Egg Rescue

 most popular Easter activity for toddlers

Washi Tape Egg Rescue is an interesting and easy activity to set up an indoor motor activity to do during Easter. It even helps in  strengthening fine motor muscles that may be necessary for writing later on. 

On a sensory board or a table, secure several halves of plastic Easter eggs using Washi tape. Use multiple colours of the tape for visual stimuli. You can fill the eggs up with cheerios or crunchies that your toddler likes, as a treat. In this activity, the little ones have to free the eggs from the tape and eat their snack.

Easter Egg Puzzle

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If your baby loves colours, then Easter egg puzzle is a wonderful activity to play on Easter. Fill a sheet with dots of various shades and hues (preferably the same ones as your Easter eggs). This activity requires the preschoolers to cover a coloured dot with half an Easter egg of the same colour.

You could tape the paper down on the table or the floor to make it easier for the kids. You could also use washable dot markers to make the dots , and also for the toddlers to connect the dots as a fun game after the activity. Encourage them to name the colour as they are covering it with the egg.

Sink the Egg

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Sink The Egg is one of the most entertaining activities for toddlers and preschoolers. Fill a sensory bin with enough water for  the eggs to completely immerse. Collect materials like metal nuts and bolts, thermocol balls, small die, beads, pebbles (with no sharp edges), buttons, marbles, and more.

Now, have your little one fill in the egg with any one itemand ask them if they think the egg would float or sink. If your toddler is aged 4 and above, you can ask them to note down their ‘guess’ and write the result of each round. They could also log how many beads or nuts it took for the egg to stay afloat or sink.

Oats & Easter Eggs Sensory Bin

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I have a hazy memory from my childhood, where I used to love playing around with Oats and rice in the kitchen when my mum was around. Who knew you could turn this into a simple and safe sensory Easter activity for babies and preschoolers! 

All you have to do is place a sensory bin on a blanket or a bedsheet and fill it with plain oats. Add Easter eggs, measuring spoons, funnels, stacking cups, etc. to the bin. Your kids can use the measuring cups to fill the Easter eggs with the oats, and play however they want inside the sensory bin.

The main aim of the activity is for them to have fun with the different textures. If they still tend to throw the oats around or aren’t able to stop eating them, revisit the activity another time.

Bunny Tail Size Sorting

What can you do on Easter Sunday at home?

The Bunny Tail Size sorting activity is great for your child’s hand-eye coordination, cognitive development, fine motor skills, sensory play, and more. It is one of the most creative Easter activities for preschoolers. Take a cardboard sheet and draw three bunnies of different sizes- mainly small, medium, and large.

Place a cardboard roll of these sizes in place of the bunny’s tail. Have pompom or cotton balls of the three sizes in a bowl. Your child must pick a ball from the bowl, and gauge whether it is small, medium, or large size. They must place it inside the cardboard roll of the similar size. Have fun watching them giving different sizes of tail to the bunny! 

Easter Bunny Sticky Wall

What is a traditional Easter game?

For an interesting tactile sensory experience, arrange an Easter Bunny Sticky Wall activity for your toddlers. Draw a large Easter Bunny on a sheet of contact paper and tape it (sticky side facing out) on the lower part of a wall. You can draw the eyes a bit bigger to make them look attractive. Keep a bowl filled with cotton balls ready.

Your kid has to  stick or dab the cotton balls to the bunny. The aim is to cover the entire bunny with fluffy cotton balls, and have fun!

Easter Egg Number Match

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Easter Egg Number Match is a great activity for preschoolers to practice counting and improve mental ability. Take a sheet of cardboard and cut out 10 egg-shaped holes. Stick the sheet with the holes on a chart paper. Paint the eggs in different colours.

Now, number each hole from 1 to 10 on the top half and draw the corresponding number of dots in the bottom half (separate the halves). This has to be done for both the eggs and the egg-shaped holes sheet. Your toddler must match the easter egg halves to the holes sheet. You can shuffle up the halves in a bowl for your child to pick randomly, and see them outshine in number games already! 

Ballon Egg Easter hunt

What are traditional Easter activities?

Balloon Easter Egg Hunt is an amusing twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt challenge. We all can agree that finding a balloon is way more exciting than finding Easter eggs for toddlers. Balloons are bigger and easier to find, and is a lot of fun to play with after!

You could hide the balloons in different spots in your living room, your backyard, or your usual picnic spot. Ensure the toddlers are always accompanied by an adult when they are scurrying around looking for the balloons. You can place balloons of different colours to add fun visual elements to the game.

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

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Tip Easter Egg Decorating

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A super easy and relaxing task for tiny tots to do at Easter is the Q-tip Easter egg decorating activity. Cut out Easter egg shapes from colourful paper and lay them out on a table or the floor. Provide safe and washable paints in separate containers.

Hand them q-tips and ask them to decorate the Easter egg sheets by dipping the q-tip into the paints and unravel their creative minds. Encourage them to try different colours. Display their finished results by attaching the eggs to a string and hanging it on the door!

Cotton Ball Easter Egg Painting

What are 2 traditional Easter games?

Our toddlers had a lot of fun playing with fluffy cotton balls and paints- they just loved how the texture of the cotton balls felt on their hands. We combine them to create a super fun Easter activity for our preschoolers! All you need to do is grab a big piece of cardboard and draw an Easter egg on it. Draw various lines, circles, and shapes inside the egg for the toddlers to fill cotton balls in.

Ask the kids to stick cotton balls with safe-to-use glue on the cardboard. They can stick cotton inside the shapes and on the lines as a boundary as well. Now comes the fun part- painting. Keep 4-5 bowls of water mixed with different food colours and use eye droppers to collect the water. You can guide the kids to squeeze and release the water from the dropper onto the cotton balls. This helps enhance their fine motor and sensory skills as well!

Balloon Printed Easter Eggs

What games can we play at Easter?

We have already established that balloons are one of the favorite playthings for your tiny tots! , Thus, the Balloon Printed Easter Eggs activity is perfect for them. Tape a white sheet on cardboard and either place it on the floor or on a table. Draw shapes of Easter eggs (bigger in size) over the sheet. Place some paper plates filled with safe paints close by.

Now, blow some balloons- small, not too big so that it’s easier for the kids to hold them. Ask them to dip it in the paint and dab it all over the egg. They can be imaginative and creative and mix multiple colours to draw a colorful picture just like their imagination. Display the finished sheet on your whiteboard or mantel. This activity is really good for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. 

Easter Egg Roll & Paint

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Do you want to see your kid jumping with joy? Then Easter Egg Roll & Paint is one of the best Easter activities for your toddlers. They will not only enjoy decorating Easter eggs, but will also be working on developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The end result is beautiful and kids will absolutely love the process!

Secure a white cardboard sheet inside a wide cardboard box with tape. Kids can dip the eggs into cups of various paint colours and place them inside the cardboard box. Now, move the box around at different angles. The eggs will leave streaks of paint on the sheet. You can paint multiple sheets in this manner and string them together in the end for display.

Fork Painted Easter Eggs

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Ever tried painting with a fork? This Easter, give your preschoolers a unique painting experience by handing them a fork to paint on an egg-shaped paper. Glue this paper to a board or cardboard so that it doesn’t move around while painting.

The kids can dip their safe-to-use plastic forks into the paint palette and use the back of the fork (or even the tips) to paint on the paper. They can also mix two-three colours to see an altogether different shade appear on the paper.  What’s more? They can lift  a fork in both hands simultaneously and create an amazing abstract! 

Easter Crafts for Toddlers

What is the most popular Easter activity?

Pom Pom Easter Egg Craft

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This Easter craft activity is a hit amongst little as well as older kids. You could either arrange an Easter bunny or an Easter egg for them to decorate with pom poms. It is simple to set up and kids will like the texture of the pom poms to play with.

Similar to other painting activities, you have to get a cardboard sheet and cut it into multiple egg-shaped sheets. You can ask the kids to paint it using washable paint, or stick colour paper over the cardboard sheet. Draw lines over the egg for your toddler to follow while sticking the pom poms. Record these moments to create a beautiful memory book of your baby! 

Potato Masher Sheep Craft

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My niece loves potatoes, and she absolutely loves engaging herself in this amusing Easter activity called Potato Masher Sheep Craft. It involves every mashed potatohead’s favourite tool- a potato masher! Place a coloured sheet on the table (any colour except black and white). Cut eyes, ears, and legs from black colour paper and keep it aside.

Now, pour white paint over a paper plate and ask the kids to dip the potato masher in it and place it on the sheet to make the body of the sheep. Stick the eyes, ears, and legs to it. You could also buy googly eyes to add a dramatic touch. Make as many sheep as the toddlers like!

Easter Egg Rainbow Craft

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A super delightful and colourful activity that preschoolers are bound to enjoy is the Easter Egg Rainbow Craft. They get a chance to learn about the rainbow and its colours, and also make their own! Grab a big white sheet of paper and draw arches of the different rainbow colours which will act as a guide for the toddlers.

Keep the Easter egg halves (of the rainbow colours if possible) ready and ask the kids to dip the open half in washable paints. They can use it as a stamp and dab rings of paint inside the arches to make a rainbow. They can name every colour before stamping them to make it a fun learning activity.

Tissue Paper Chick Craft

 most popular Easter activity for kids

The Tissue Paper Chick Craft is an exciting activity for preschoolers to do at Easter. The tissue paper gives a nice and unique texture for the kids to play and experiment with. Grab a piece of cardboard and cut out a portion in the shape of a chick and keep it aside. Stick some contact paper on the cardboard which has the outline of the chick.

Now, flip the sticky side up. Take yellow tissue paper (or the regular ones painted with yellow paint beforehand) and cut it into small squares. Ask the kids to stick the tissue paper and create a mosaic or collage all over the outline of the chick. Cut a tiny triangle out of orange coloured paper for the beak, and stick googly eyes as well. In the end, display the adorable chick mosaic made by the little ones!

Recycled TP Roll Easter Bunny and Egg

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If your kids love messing around with the toilet paper rolls in the house, then the recycled toilet paper roll Easter bunny and egg craft definitely tops the list of easy Easter activities for toddlers. Grab three toilet paper rolls, and fold two of them to create an edge- this makes the ears of the bunny. Glue or staple these on the top of the third roll to make a bunny stamp. 

Place plastic or paper plates filled with washable paints next to a white sheet of paper. You could either draw a huge Easter egg on the sheet for the kids to stamp in or just let them stamp freely. Ask them to dip the bunny stamp in the paint and go crazy! Make a pair of eyes and nose for the bunny in the end. Use a smock for the kids if necessary, so that their clothes aren’t ruined.


most popular Easter games

How do you entertain kids on Easter?

Most kids really like activities that involve a lot of sensory play and creative tasks. It keeps them focused and helps them in developing their motor skills. You can arrange for Easter egg decorating activities like Easter Egg Roll Painting, Q-tip Easter Egg painting, or craft activities like Easter Egg Rainbow Craft, Pom Pom Easter Egg Craft, and more.

What games can we play at Easter?

You can play a lot of fun easter games with toddlers and preschoolers. These games can help them with alphabet learning, or number recognition, naming colours, cognition development, and more. It also involves a lot of sensory play. Some examples of the games are:

  • Easter Egg Boats
  • ABC Easter Egg Hunt
  • Sink the Egg
  • Easter Egg Puzzle
  • Bunny Tail Size Sorting
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