What Are Baby Hats For? A Guide for New Parents

What Are Baby Hats For? A Guide for New Parents

Given how playful, curious and highly active babies are, parents naturally worry for their safety as they explore the world around them.  You’re probably wondering; what are baby hats for? And why are they a must-have accessory for every outfit and outing?

Truth time- no matter how watchful you are, no parent can prevent unpredictable weather when the family’s out for the day, or bumps and falls. You could, however, be prepared for any situation by accessorizing your baby’s protective clothing with baby hats. 

In this post, we will dive into what baby hats are for, and how you can ensure that your baby's next day out will leave everyone smiling! 

What Are Baby Hats For?

Baby hats are primarily worn to protect babies from extreme weather conditions. Also, babies like to explore, but their spatial awareness and ability to walk or crawl are just developing which means that they are highly likely to bump into objects and risk head or facial injuries.

Baby hats are more than just cute-sy designs and patterns that match with the rest of the outfit. They provide an extra layer of protection for your baby’s delicate areas such as the head. The wide brim of a hat also covers the face from direct sunlight, or when it gets windier or starts to rain. 

Baby hats are made of soft, breathable and durable materials that provide maximum protection to the bubs without causing undue discomfort. Some also feature adjustable velcro chin straps which hold the hat in place. This is useful for those days that turn out to be windier than expected. I mean, can you picture yourself always having to chase after a hat that has been blown away, whilst also trying to juggle your little one?

When Should Babies Wear Hats?

In the following conditions, babies should wear hats;

  • In Cold Weather
  • When the weather gets colder, you would want to make sure your baby wears enough layers so that he or she doesn’t catch a cold and fall ill. So, when the outside temperature drops, it is a good idea to dress your baby in a hat, socks and light jacket. 

  • During Summer
  • We all know how severe Australian summers can get post January, with temperatures climbing to 40 degrees celsius and above. You’d definitely want your baby’s face, neck and head to be protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays.  Since sunscreen isn’t recommended for babies aged 0 to 6 months, sun hats can do the job. 

  • In Extreme Weather Conditions
  • During extreme weather conditions, a baby should wear a hat to get enough protection. If the weather is windy, hats are best to keep them safe from catching a cold.

    When Should Babies Not Wear Hats?

    Babies shouldn’t wear hats when indoors, though it's a common misconception that they should- particularly newborns.  At home and in cribs, babies do not need hats to keep warm because skin-to-skin contact with the parents is enough to regulate body temperature. In fact, babies can overheat if they’re made to wear hats when indoors, which is why experts suggest taking their hat off as soon as you’re indoors. 

    If your baby feels uncomfortably hot, the signs are obvious. They may express their discomfort by fidgeting with the hat, and in extreme cases they can vomit or faint. In such scenarios, it's better to take the hat off and fan the baby to bring their body temperature back to normal. As a general rule of thumb, monitor your baby's body temperature and add or remove a hat from their clothing accordingly.

    What Hats Are Best for Babies?

    Baby hats come in all shapes, sizes, colours and fabrics. So which one is best for your baby? It can be quite overwhelming to find the perfect hat to protect their sensitive skin. The following are the most popular types of baby hats available in the market;

    Bucket Hats: Bucket hats are functional as well as look adorable. They are the best to protect your baby’s ears, neck and back from sunburn during the harsh summer weather. Bucket hats are perfect for outdoor activities.

    Beanies: Add warmth and cuteness during winters with cute beanies. They are usually made out of a thicker fabric like fleece or wool and help babies to retain their body heat during colder days. Beanies will protect your little ones from the chills during winters.

    Wide-brimmed Hats: Bucket hats with wide brims (also known as floppy hats) are summer hats that will give your baby extra protection from sun rays. They usually come with a drawstring that keeps the hat in place.

    Baseball Hats: Baseball hats can protect your baby’s face from the sun but don’t offer the 360 degree protection that a bucket hat style can. As such they are not recommended for infants. They are a great alternative however for slightly older children when the summer heat and sun are not extreme.

      Here are some of our best picks;

      • Bucket Hat: Protect your little ones from the harsh sun with this Charcoal Stripe Bucket hat. It comes with a hidden layer of impact foam to save your precious bub from those little tumbles.
        • Legionnaire Baby Hat: This floral baby legionnaire hat is made with lightweight UP50+ cotton jersey material that keeps the baby's face and neck protected from the hot sun.
          • Reversible Flap Sun Hat: These Bedhead Heritage Lounger Baby Flap Hats are made from 100% eco-friendly linen which is self-cooling in summer and warm in winter, and protects your little one from the sun.
            • Floppy Hat: Featuring a floral print on the outside and a pink and white dot print on the inside, the wide brim Evergreen Floppy Hat comes with a toggle and cord under the chin to keep the hat in place.

            Beanie: Protect your loving baby from cold and little tumbles with a knitted Navy Beanie with pom-pom on top. It comes with a hidden layer of impact foam to provide extra protection

            Frequently Asked Questions

            1. Do Babies Need to Wear Hats Outside?
            Remember to add one more extra layer to your baby’s clothes than yours. If you're getting a hat for yourself, get one for your baby as well. Have a spare on hand in case one gets dirty, is lost or misplaced. Always pack a hat in the diaper bag with other stuff, so you can use it if the weather suddenly changes. 

            2. How Many Hats Does a Newborn Need?
            Three to four hats are more than sufficient for daily use. Be sure to buy hats that work for different weather conditions. Buy beanies for colder weather and bucket hats for summertime. 

            3. Do Babies Need to Wear Hats Inside?
            Dr. Howard Reinstein,  a spokesperson for the American Association of Pediatrics, says that babies do not need to wear a hat once they get home. Unless it's fall or winter, or your house doesn’t have indoor heating,  you do not need to put a cap on for your baby. Indoor temperatures ranging between 20 to 22 degrees Celsius are ideal and do not require your baby to have on extra layers. 

            4. Should Newborns Wear a Hat to Sleep?
            Wearing a hat to sleep is not considered a safe practice for newborns as it increases the rate of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). When a baby is moving during sleep, a hat may fall from the baby's head, and become a suffocation hazard.

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