How It Works

Cushions Against Head Impact

Tumbl Bear hats are designed to help cushion common accidents experienced by children, such as falls or bumps. The foam is intended to absorb energy, potentially lessening the force transmitted to your child's head. Note that effectiveness can vary, and maintaining full safety precautions is always essential.

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Witness the Power: Our Impact Tests

We believe in the power of our Tumbl Bear hats, and we want you to do the same. That's why we've put our hats through a variety of rigorous, real-world tests. Here, you can see the results for yourself:

The Bowling Ball Test

Experience the durability of a Tumbl Bear hat as it shields a concrete brick from a dropped bowling ball, a feat a regular hat can't achieve.

The Golf Ball Test

Observe the anti-bounce capabilities of our inner foam lining, demonstrated by a golf ball that won't rebound when dropped on it, unlike on a regular floor.

By viewing these videos, we hope you can understand the science behind our hats and the level of protection they can offer. The Tumbl Bear hat isn't just a piece of headwear; it's a commitment to your child's safety.


Tumbl Bear hats are not helmets and should not replace the use of a helmet. Tumbl Bear is devoted to the well-being of young adventurers with our specially-designed hats. These hats offer a cushioning layer for mild head impacts during everyday activities. However, it’s imperative to understand that they are not a substitute for helmets and do not provide protection against significant falls or high-impact collisions. For optimal safety, Tumbl Bear hats should be used in conjunction with vigilant supervision and within a secure environment. Please remember that no single measure can guarantee complete protection, and helmets should be employed when necessary.