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Hi there,
Thanks for stopping by to learn more about tumbl bear!
The initial idea for tumbl. bear hats came to me (Mark) at a family barbecue.  I  watched on as my three-year-old niece underestimated her height and ran into a piece of play equipment. At the time, the only answer appeared to be a helmet, which seemed far too extreme for what I call, essential ‘life learnings’ as kids find their feet, run and play!
Months later, and as a new father, I was quickly reminded of how easily babies and toddlers can bump their heads or fall over as they grow and explore. I realised something needed to be done. I teamed up with one of my best mates Edward Cooper and we set out to create the ultimate children's hat for all kids learning to crawl, walk, run, jump, climb and play! 
tumbl bear isn’t about being over-protective or ‘helicopter parenting. Kids fall over, they hurt themselves – it’s a fact of life. Tumbl bear is about letting our children play whilst providing a level of protection against those inevitable bumps and knocks, in the form of an everyday children's hat.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! 

Mark and Edward


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